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I welcome my friends  that know from the internet and social networks.
This is a place to exchange ideas, opinions and viewpoints.  This Forum or Flog can also be use  for social app gamers to get help with their apps, or just brag.
Do u have Q's about life, the way "it" is, a social app,  game, or any thing else for that matter... Ask and ye shall be answered...or just bullshit to pass the time, enjoy!!!
..... i run a few pages and groups on facebook i would kindly ask of you to tell your friends of the pages listed below and please join... if u are interested i can even grant content editor and admin to all that are worthy and trusted. please ask your friends to join....
now, if any one wants to create content for any of my pages drop me a note please.
mazanga von badman ctrl c ctrl kopimi !!!  @mazanga @kopimi
thx to one and all
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http://mazanga.blogspot.com/p/introduction-who-am-i.html I am A.K.A Mazanga Von Badman I have opened this new blogspot forum, all are welcome here. I also welcome my friends and people that know from all social networks. Noe we all have a place to meet and exchange ideas and viewpoints.... 1 1
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Please comment, open to all even anonymous users unlike other places in the forum...
After all the typing,  posting and other headaches a comment says allot.
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Jack Herer by mazanga ยป Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:52 pm Want some now, dont ya !! 0 0
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